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In order to be as transparent and straightforward about this site’s operations as possible, this page was created to help you understand the general relationship between and advertisers. We believe in honesty, transparency, and keeping our visitors informed, so please read this page to understand how advertising works on this site.

It costs money to create content and host this website; there are also a variety of other costs associated with running a website.  In order to help pay for these costs and to generate revenue, is supported by various advertisements. These ads may appear in a variety of formats, but most notably ads may appear in the form of a widget that allows site visitors to search for sponsored schools. There may be a variety of vendors that supply the code for this widget such as Campus Explorer (Archer Education) – Ads may also appear the form of buttons, images, links, and other formats on this site.

When you request information from schools using one of the sponsored search widgets (such as the widget from Campus Explorer (Archer Education)), we may be financially compensated for your interaction with the widget. The advertisers (such as Campus Explorer (Archer Education)) make the ultimate determination as to whether or not we are compensated for your interaction with the widget; we have no control over this. In addition to the widgets on this site, we may be financially compensated when you click on other advertisements (like Google AdSense ads) by the companies that supply the code for those advertisements. We may also be financially compensated if you view advertisements but do not click on anything.

One important thing to understand is that you don’t have to interact with any advertisements in order to read all of the content on the site; it’s all available for free, whether or not you choose to interact with advertisements.

All of the advertisers on this site have separate and independent privacy policies and terms of use, so that’s also important to understand. If you don’t fully understand the privacy policy and terms of use associated with a particular advertisement, you shouldn’t interact with it. Click here to view the privacy policy for (this policy applies only to this site and not to other third party advertisements or sites).

While almost all of this information is common sense, we feel that it’s extremely important to be straightforward and keep all website visitors informed. Thank you for visiting the advertising page and for taking the time to read and understand this information.

Ad Disclosure | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy