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Welcome to the privacy policy page for This page was created to help you understand the privacy practices of this site. This privacy policy is broken down into individual sections covering different aspects of the information that is important for visitors to know.

What kind of information does collect? collects and stores non-personally identifiable information. collects personally identifiable information but does not store it. Let’s take a look at the difference.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information (NPII)

Non-personally identifiable information (NPII) is generic information that is collected about you when you visit this site, look at various pages, and perform other on-site actions. Examples of non-personally identifiable information can include your browser version, Internet Protocol (IP) address, the operating system on your computer, and other similar pieces of information. The big thing to understand about NPII is that it is generic information that cannot personally tie you to your visit. Some courts have ruled that IP address are personally identifiable since in some situations they can tie you to your visit, but other courts have ruled that IP addresses are not personally identifiable information. We typically use NPII to improve the site, track visitor metrics, and for other similar reasons. For example, if we can see that a particular page on the site is popular, we may choose to create more content for that page or make it more usable for visitors. Similarly, if we can see that a particular page is not popular, we may try to make changes to it, making it better for users and more interesting.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

This type of information is information that can be used to identify you personally. This could be something like your name, address, telephone number, or similar pieces of information.

If you interact with the advertisements on this site (such as sponsored school search widgets provided by companies like Campus Explorer (Archer Education)), the widgets may ask you to enter personally identifiable information (PII) in order to search for schools and to request information from schools. Iif you submit this information using the widgets, it is transmitted directly to the advertiser and we do not ever see it. So while technically that information is collected while you are on this site, it’s not really that collects the information, it’s the advertisers. We never see, save, store, or have access to that information.

It’s important to understand that interacting with the advertisements or widgets is completely optional, and there’s no requirement that visitors must do so; all of the content on the site can be accessed completely without interacting with a single advertisement. All of these advertisers (such as Campus Explorer (Archer Education)) have separate and independent privacy policies and terms of service, so if you don’t understand their privacy policies and terms of service, you shouldn’t interact with the advertisements. If you do choose to request information about schools from a sponsored advertisement widget such as the one provided by Campus Explorer (Archer Education), you will likely be contacted by a third party (not such as Campus Explorer (Archer Education), a school which you requested information from, or another third party. This should be fairly obvious as you’re requesting the information, but it is worth mentioning explicitly in the privacy policy. If you do not fully understand the nature of how this works (this should be fairly common sense), please don’t interact with any of the advertisements. If you choose to interact with the advertisements, we may be financially compensated, however this is at the discretion of the advertiser. Click here to visit the advertising disclosure page to learn about the relationship between and advertisers.

California Residents: Please Read Regarding “Do Not Track” Requests

The software used to operate this site (the CMS that generates the html, images, navigation menus, etc.) does not track you or any of your movements or personal preferences across the web or beyond this site.

Please note: this DOES NOT include any third party ads (like Google AdSense ads) that may use third party cookies or other various methods of advertising to track your preferences, visited sites, and other information about you across the web. This DOES NOT include third party analytics software used on this site, as well as advertisements or scripts run on this site.

If you need to be sure that you aren’t tracked and that the “do not track” settings sent from your computer are device are completely honored, you should not use or visit this site.

In what ways do we use the information that we collect?

Most of the information that we collect is NPII related to your visit such as the pages that you viewed, for how long, your IP address, ISP, and similar non personally identifiable pieces of information. This information is used for things like:

-Improving the site (helping make popular pages better, helping make less popular pages better).

-Personalizing the site to visitors

-Implementing new features

-Making other changes to the site

-Keeping logs (all websites keep visitor and traffic logs)

These are just some examples of how NPII may be used on this site, and there may be other ways too.

Please understand that the use of personally identifiable information by third-party advertisers, if you choose to voluntarily submit it by interacting with one or more of the advertisements on this site, is not governed by this privacy policy, but is instead governed by their privacy policies and terms of use or terms and conditions, which is separate from the privacy policy at

Does disclose any of your information to outside or third parties? does not sell, trade, or transfer your non-personally identifiable information or personally identifiable information to outside parties. This does not include trusted third parties such as advertisers or other third parties that assist us in running this website, conducting business, or similar tasks. In the event that we believe the release of information is appropriate to comply with law enforcement, to enforce our on-site policies, protect our rights or the rights of others, or our safety or the safety of others, we may release this information.

To be crystal clear one last time: does not store any of your personally identifiable information. NEVER SEES THIS INFORMATION. This information is transmitted to advertisers ONLY IF you choose to interact with advertising widgets on this site, which is completely optional and voluntary. has no way to view this information.

The widgets used to capture this information are generated by code that is provided by the advertisers (such as Campus Explorer (Archer Education)) and this code does not allow us to capture, record, view, or save your information; it is transmitted directly to them automatically. does not even collect email addresses; in fact, the only way we would even have that would be if we received some type of email correspondence from a site visitor.

Log Files, Cookies, and Web Beacons

Just like most other websites on the internet, collects and maintains log files. These files contain a variety of non-personally identifiable visitor information such as which pages visitors view, for how long, and other similar information. These logs may be used to improve the site, maintain the site, offer new features, and for other reasons. may use cookies to store certain information like visitor preferences, and similar things when you visit this site. This site may also use cookies as a way of turning certain website features on or off. This site does not use tracking cookies that follow you across the internet, however, some of the advertisements on this site may uses cookies to track your preferences and track other things about you off of this site. has no way of being certain of which advertisements use cookies like this, and no way of disabling them in advertisements. Most advertisers simply supply the code for advertisements and do not allow publishers to alter that code. Because of this, if you need to be sure that cookies are not used to track your preferences or anything else, you should not visit this site.

Third-Party Links

From time-to-time, at our discretion, links, images, or advertisements for third-party products and services may be displayed on this site (this is explained in previous sections of this privacy policy). Any third-party products and services featured on this site have websites with separate and independent privacy policies and terms of use. Therefore, has no responsibility for the content or behavior of these linked sites, advertisements, or images. In some situations, third parties may only provide with code that generates these elements dynamically, and what is generated would be outside the control of Again, we take no responsibility for the content of what may be generated, or the content or behavior of the linked sites that visitors may end up on if they choose to click on or interact with any of these elements or links.

As mentioned in previous sections of this privacy policy, some of these third-party advertisers may use technology like cookies when they advertise on this site. These cookies may track visitor preferences across the web and may also track other things about visitors. If you need to be sure that you’re not tracked using cookies, do not visit this site or any other websites.

DoubleClick DART Cookies may display ads that use DART cookies for serving ads through Google’s DoubleClick service, which sets cookies on your computer when you visit a website using DoubleClick advertising technology (which may include Google AdSense advertisements). These cookies are used to provide advertisements about things that may be of interest to you. For example, if you were visiting sites about degrees or college education that contained Google AdSense ads and then left to visit a site that was unrelated to degrees or education but had Google AdSense ads on it, you may still see ads about degrees or education because there may be cookies stored in your browser indicating you had an interest in degrees or education education. There may be more uses for these cookies, but this is just one example. You may be able to opt out of some, but not all of this advertising by visiting Google’s policy page on advertising.

Other Third-Party Cookies

Depending upon the software on your computer or device, you may be able to block or disable cookies on certain websites. These settings may be available in your browser or operating systems settings, or you may be able to use antivirus programs like McAfee or Trend Micro to block or disable cookies. However, if you completely block or disable cookies, you may not be able to access certain websites or view certain content on some websites. This may also affect your ability to log into certain sites too. If you don’t have settings that specifically disallow cookies, a new cookie may be placed on your computer or device the next time that you visit a website. You may be able to opt out of some cookies in general by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative’s website for opting out of cookies at

This is an Online Privacy Policy

The information listed in this privacy policy only applies to information collected through this website online, and not to information that is collected offline or off of the internet.

Your Consent to This Policy

By using, you fully consent to this privacy policy. If you don’t understand and consent to this privacy policy, you must leave this site immediately. You must also be at least 18 years of age or older to visit this site, and if you are not, you must also leave this site immediately.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

If at any point this privacy policy is modified or updated, those modifications will be posted here on this page. You will not receive any advanced notice of these modifications, and will only be able to view them here on this page. Modifications to this privacy policy will not be highlighted, and you will need to read the full document again to understand any changes.


If you have any questions about this privacy policy or the privacy practices of, you may reach out via email with your question by using our Contact Form.

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