Continuing Education for LPNs – CEUs

Because the field of nursing is one that is constantly changing, continuing education hours are required in many states for Licensed Practical Nurses. These requirements are often referred to as CEUs, or continuing education units. CEUs are required in many states for license renewal for LPNs.

LPN Continuing Education Units (LPN CEU) are made and taught by nursing professionals and are approved by each state to be accepted by that state’s nursing board. Because requirements are different in each state, the amount of CEUs required in each state varies, as well. States may also require specific types of CEUs – for example, an LPN may need to complete CEUs in life support or pain management. Some states allow employment hours or projects to take the place of CEUs. It is the responsibility of the LPN to know the CEU requirements for his or her licensed state.

Some state CEU requirements for LPNs include:

  • California: 30 CEUs every two years
  • Illinois: 20 CEUs every two years
  • New York: 3 CEUs in infection control every four years
  • Texas: 20 CEUs every two years within an LPN’s specialty
  • Florida: 24 CEUs every two years
  • Pennsylvania: CEUs are not required

LPN CEU Online

Perhaps the easiest way to complete CEUs is to find them online. Many websites offer subscriptions and offer myriad topics and specialty areas for LPNs and other healthcare professionals. Another way to find CEUs is through local nurse educators. Educators often provide activities locally in hospitals or colleges; if offered at the health agency in which an LPN works, he or she may even be paid for those hours worked through attending CEU course hours if the workplace approves.

Typically, CEUs take the form of classes, seminars, videos, webinars, or other educational mediums – or some combination of these. In general, the more credits a course offers, the longer it will take an LPN to complete the work. Some in-person classes last for one to two eight-hour days, while online options may require several hours of reading and assignments. Again, it’s vital to make sure CEUs are suitable for the state in which you are licensed in order to keep your license current.

Once continuing education units are completed, a certificate is given to the LPN as proof of finished coursework. Be sure to make copies of the CEU for yourself, your workplace, and your state as history of continuing education units completed.

LPN CEU Requirements

Because CEU requirements vary by state, each state also has different guidelines and practices for proving CEUs are completed and up-to-date. Some states require copies of CEU certificates of completion; others randomly choose license renewal applicants for audit. If an LPN is found to not have completed CEUs, he or she may have their license suspended until the CEUs are completed.